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Bail Bonds Orange County

Bail Bondsmen and Guns

Police departments around the country continue to make news each time an officer subdues a suspect in the line of duty. The controversy seems...
Bail Bonds Orange County

Careers as a Bail Bondsman

The career of a bail bondsman has existed since the seventeenth century. In those days the bail bondsman handled all the work including chasing...
Bail Bonds Orange County

What is HS11379 in the Penal Code?

What is HS11379 in the Penal Code? HS 11379 Referred to as “Transportation” cases, these cases usually involve the defendant being stopped while driving...
Bail Bonds Orange County

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bail Bonds

Hiring a bail bonds company has its own advantages and disadvantages for the simple reason that it is hard to determine which bail bonds company to use due to...