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Santa Ana Bail Bonds, CA: We come to You 

Get your loved one out of jail, fast! Barbarian Bail Bonds is convenient to Santa Ana, and one of Orange County’s top-rated bail bonds service with a twist: we come to you. Our aim is to be the best, most affordable (some would say cheap) bail bonds service for Santa Ana and all of Orange County.

  • We’re affordable. We understand that getting someone out of jail is expensive, but we have financing options and other ways to make the process more affordable than ever.
  • We’re friendly.  How to get someone out of jail is not obvious to the inexperienced. We explain how the bail bonds process works.
  • We come to you. You can visit our office, call us, and we’ll come to your residence to make the process as easy, quick, and painless as possible.
  • Click or call us at 714-367-6353 for free Bail Information.
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In all of Orange County, we’re the talk of the town. We’ve changed the bail bonds process, and grown to be “the” place to call when the unforeseen happens. Someone you know and care about lands in jail.

Some of our Specialties

Among our specializations are DUI bail bonds and domestic violence bail bonds.  The reality in Santa Ana is that with theme parks such as Disneyland just minutes away. The beach lifestyle of Orange County, huge freeways. And the general fun-loving attitude of Southern California, that driving under the influence arrests are unfortunately high. If you or a loved one is experiencing a DUI arrest, please visit our informational pages above, or call us immediately.

As for domestic violence, that – too – can be an issue in Santa Ana. Unfortunately more so on weekends or evenings, calls come in when someone has been arrested on a domestic violence charge. Without passing judgment, we are ready to assist in the bail bonds process for domestic violence offenses.

Facts about Santa Ana, California: the Jail and Bail Bonds Process

Santa Ana Police Department

The Santa Ana Police Department is located at 60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana CA 92701. Call our Santa Ana bail bonds hotline 714-367-6353 we will take care of the bail bond posting. A bond can be posted here.

If you are arrested by the Santa Ana Police Department. You will be kept here until your first court date unless you have any medical problems including alcoholism or drug addiction. If you have not bailed out before you go to court at this station by our Santa Ana Bail Bonds Agents. Then you will be transferred to the Orange County Jail after your court date. You can also view the Santa Ana jail website online.

The jail is operated by the city of Santa Ana and should not be confused with the Orange County jail. Located at 550 N. Flower Street, in Santa Ana, but operated by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. These two jails are across the street from one another but both share the same parking structure.

The Orange County Jail is located at 550 N. Flower St Santa Ana, CA 92703 Call our Santa Ana bail bonds hotline 714-367-6353.

How the Bail Bonds Process Works

If your bad boy or bad girl has been arrested and taken to jail, call a licensed agent from our Santa Ana bail bonds hotline to assist with processing the bail bond. Agents from our Santa Ana bail bonds hotline will provide you with your bad boy or bad girl’s booking number, charges, court dates, and the location of your friend or family member.

All bail amounts have already been set by a group of Judges who meet once a year to set the bail schedules to the charges that will be filed by Law Enforcement.

It’s important to understand that after a bail bond has been posted the booking process can still take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours if you are in a city jail and 4 to 8 hours or longer to complete if you are in a county jail, all depending on how busy the jail is at that time.

During this time, we can work on completing the paperwork and any other details with you to expedite the process.

Your bad boy or bad girl’s booking process will generally include photographs, fingerprints, and background checks. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or more to complete. Depending on your bad boy or bad girl’s specific case. Once this process has been completed, your bad boy or bad girl will be cleared, and ready to be bailed out from jail.

Fun Facts about Santa Ana, California

While history is definitely local in nature, no one can dispute that Santa Ana’s development. Especially since 1940, has been affected by national and international events. The onset of World War II probably represents the single biggest occurrence that has shaped Santa Ana and the development of Southern California. The development of major military installations, such as the Santa Ana Army Air Base, funneled thousands of Americans through Santa Ana. After the war, many remembered the pleasant climate of California and before too long they returned in droves. Coupled with the development of defense related industry in the Postwar and Cold War era. Santa Ana and Southern California began the rapid transition to becoming a complex economic powerhouse that no longer placed agriculture as king.