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We understand that getting someone out of jail is expensive, but we have financing options and other ways to make the process more affordable than ever.

How to get someone out of jail is not obvious to the inexperienced. We explain how the bail bonds process works.

You can visit our office, or call us, and we’ll come to your residence to make the process as easy, quick, and painless as possible.

714-584-9164 for free Bail Information.

In all of Orange County and Anaheim, we’re the talk of the town. We’ve changed the bail bonds process, and grown to be “the” place to call when the unforeseen happens. Someone you know and care about lands in jail.

Facts about Anaheim, California: the Jail and Bail Bonds Process

Anaheim Police Department

The Anaheim Police Department is located at 425 South Harbor Boulevard, in Anaheim, CA 92805. Call our Anaheim bail bonds hotline 714-773-2762 we will take care of the bail bond posting. A bond can be posted here.

If you are arrested in Anaheim for any misdemeanor or felony, you will be kept here for just a few hours, 3-4 is about the maximum. If you have not bailed out by our Anaheim bail bonds agents at this station. Then you will be transferred to the Orange County Jail. You can also view the Anaheim jail website online.

The Orange County Jail is located at 550 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703. Call our Anaheim bail bonds hotline 800-571-2245.

How the Bail Bonds Process Works

If your bad boy or bad girl has been arrested and taken to jail. Call one of our licensed Anaheim bail bonds agents to assist with processing the bail bond. Our Anaheim bail bonds agents will provide you with your bad boy or bad girl’s booking number, charges, court dates. And the jail location of your friend or family member.

All bail amounts have already been set by a group of Judges who meet once a year. To set the bail schedules to the charges that will be filed by Law Enforcement.

It’s important to understand that after a bail bond has been posted the booking process can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours if you are in a city jail and 4 to 8 hours or longer to complete if you are in a county jail, all depending on how busy the jail is at that time.

This is a good time to work on completing the paperwork and any other details with you to expedite the process.

Your bad boy or bad girl’s booking process will generally include photographs, fingerprints, and background checks. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or more to complete. Depending on your bad boy or bad girl’s specific case. Once this process has been completed, your bad boy or bad girl will be cleared, and ready to be bailed out from jail.

Fun Facts About Anaheim

Incorporated as a city for the first time in 1870, Anaheim is the tenth largest city in California. The city is home to approximately 330,000 inhabitants. It is part of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan area which is home to over 12 million people. Anaheim is located on the Santa Ana River in southern California, 36 miles southeast of Los Angeles, and 15 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Anaheim began in 1857 when German farmers arrived. Disneyland opened here in 1955. The Anaheim Convention Center, the largest on the west coast, is also located here. In order to serve these facilities, the hospitality business has become a large part of the economy.

The founding families were viticulture experts and wine-makers from Bavaria, naming the settlement the ‘Home in the Valley’. Sadly, their vineyards were destroyed after a few years by insect pests but were soon replaced by the groves of oranges which gave their name to Orange County, as well as other citrus fruits and walnuts. By the turn of the 19th century, the settlement of Anaheim had become an extensive and thriving rural farming community centered around the orange groves, with major local landowner Bennett Payne Baxter’s innovative irrigation techniques contributing widely to its success. Another delicious innovation originating in Anaheim during this period was the boysenberry, a large and juicy combination of blackberry, loganberry and European raspberry, engineered by local farmer Rudolph Boysen, after whom it is named.

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    Need Answers Fast? Click or Call –
    We respond in minutes!

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