Getting ‘Uncle Bob’ out of a Newport Beach Bail Bonds Problem

//Getting ‘Uncle Bob’ out of a Newport Beach Bail Bonds Problem

Getting ‘Uncle Bob’ out of a Newport Beach Bail Bonds Problem

It’s a funny old thing about Uncle Bob. Whenever he visits Newport Beach, he manages to get himself into trouble with the law. He’s 63, for heaven’s sake, yet sometimes he acts like a darn 17 year old.

Yeah, sure, he gets off the bus, but the first thing he does is go to the nearest bar and down a few drinks. Often, it’s Jack Daniels Honey (hands up – confession – we just love a glass of that when we’re off duty), but Uncle Bob loves it too much.

Then he starts jabbering away to other people in the bar, and ends up having an argument with someone.

Picking A Fight At Age 63: Then Calling a Newport Beach Bail Bonds Agent

If it stopped there, it wouldn’t be so bad, but he has to carry on until he’s picked a fight. At age 63, for heaven’s sake! You would think that, by now, he would have learned to grow old gracefully, but that’s not in Uncle Bob’s vocabulary. So next thing you know, he’s in the slammer.

So there you are, sitting on the beach, pina colada in hand, and about to start the barbecue, when your mobile rings.

What the heck? Suddenly you need Newport Beach bail bonds. You didn’t even know Uncle Bob was coming to Newport Beach today, and now he wants you to get him out of jail. It’s bad enough that he was apparently going to turn up out of the blue, and expect you to put him up and feed him for the weekend, but now you have to get him out of jail as well.

OK, Uncle Bob’s not a bad bloke, if only he didn’t overdo the JD Honey, but landing himself in jail, and landing YOU with the problem of requiring Newport Beach bail bonds, is adding insult to injury.

Only A Phone Call Away

Fortunately for you, Barbarian Bail Bonds is only a phone call away. No matter that you’re sitting on the beach, one of our bail bond experts will be with you before you can say “Jack ******* Daniels”. Yes, a Barbarian bail bondsman will even come and see you on the beach. We’re all about service, so whatever you need, whenever you need it, and wherever you need it, we’re ready to help.

We’ll handle all the paperwork that needs to be completed, and we’ll have Uncle Bob out of jail in no time. You can spend the rest of the day on the beach, finish your barbecue (and your pina coladas) and with any luck, Uncle Bob will get to yours at the same time as you do. You don’t want to see him languishing in the jail overnight, and neither do we.

With our Newport Beach bail bonds, it works like this: you can give Uncle Bob a piece of your mind, while we give you peace of mind.

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